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Decal Application Instructions

If you chose to install the decal(s) yourself, the difficulty of the job will be based on your prior experience handling vinyl graphics.

There are two common installation methods, Dry and Wet.


DRY: Pros - This method is the quickest allowing you to immediately remove the transfer tape and requires no spray bottle.

DRY: Cons - You will only get one shot at aligning the decal as the decal can not be moved once it touches the surface. You are also more likely to have bubbles if not done properly.

WET: Pros - This method will allow you to slide the decal on the glass to position it. 

If done correctly the risk of air bubbles is eliminated.

WET: Cons - Purchase of an empty spray bottle is required and installation time is extended.

T-top Decals are recommended to be installed exclusively with the Wet method to better fold around the curved portion of the glass.

With that said the video below and the PDF instructions have been selected to aid you through the installation process.

Dry & Wet Method Video

Wet Method Instructions 

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