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Kettering, Ohio, USA

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2019 ~ Lycan004 Maker Shop

Laser Engraving

Browse Google for cool logos, if you find something you like send me the link.

Or email me your own design at

Accepted file formats: PDF, STEP, SAT, SVG, DXF, Inventor, AutoCAD, any image format.

Engravable Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Plastics, Leather, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, other Metals.

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Pontiac G8 Top Dash Center Cubby Filler Plate

Price: $35 (Free Shipping)

Logos: Pontiac or Pontiac Racing

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White

Material: Micro Surfaced Acrylic Plastic

Included: Pre-installed 3M double sided tape

Magazine Engraving


Travel Cup Engraving


AR-15 Engraving


Acrylic LED Signs


FD Accountability Tags


Magpul Pmag Engraving

Fire & Rescue Shield

The Right Pitch

64 oz Stainless Steel Growler

Acrylic LED Signs