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Button Shifter Instructions

Detailed Written Instruction

NOTE: You don’t need to disassemble your new shifter to complete the installation.

NOTE: As you read the steps bellow, scroll down to reference the diagram and example picture.


1) Remove the factory shift knob, consult your service manual to do so correctly.

NOTE: With the shift knob removed you should now see a spring load plunger that can be pushed down (typically made of blue or white color plastic).

2) Using the provided hex key, screw the set screws into the holes on the side of the shift knob.

3) Select one of the rubber adapters with the hole that best fits over the plunger.

NOTE: The outside of the rubber adapter is the same size as the hole in the new shift knob and is meant to keep the knob centered on the shaft.

4) Slide the new shift knob over the rubber adapter and shaft. If you feel a strong resistance then your set screw may be caching so back them out a little bit.


5) With shift knob in place, slide it up & down in small increments, each time testing the button to find the correct height that will let you press the plunger allowing  you to change gears.


6) With the shift knob at the correct height proceed to tight the set screws EQUALLY to lock the shift knob in place.

CAUTION: The steel set screws are harder than the aluminum shift knob so when tightening the screws make sure to not use excessive force that can strip the threads.

7) Conduct a final test of the button to ensure you can change gears easily.


8) Installation is now complete.

NOTE: Over time vehicle vibrations may cause the set screws to loosen. Please keep the hex key in the glove box to tighten screws as need. You can also apply thread-locker to prevent loosening.

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